My name is Patricia Angelica de Souza and I consider myself to be a artist, where I use photography as a tool to further my art practice, but also occasionally practice mixed media art. When I produce my art I am always thinking about how to make people happy through it, resulting in the spiritual feel you see coming off of it, my work also involves flowers, the reason, I don’t know, but it may be partially due to me attempting to connect to my Brazilian roots.

Yarramie is a name I originally made up, around the time when I was 11-12 years old, which I used as a pseudonym. I have kept that name, and later I found out that the meaning of Yarramie in Aboriginal means Little Creek. 

My interests for the future are to work as an Artist/Photographer and Teacher, although I am focusing on starting my own business at the moment. 

The work presented to you include the best work from my previous years as an artist, and will soon (next few months) be put up for sale. 

For more information please feel free to browse through my instagram or blog as I attempt to update it regularly, or contact me for any commissions, as I am happy to take on any new work or re-create any projects.